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Online Reservations/Appointments

Google and Search Engines

Search Engines are one of the best tools every online marketer needs to have in their arsenal. There are millions of Google Online Search results being done every day, and the success of most businesses nowadays. How well you position your company in front of people using these search results will most likely determine how successful your online endeavors will become. The best way to get traffic from Search Engines is by targeting specific keywords or key phrases. Keywords are a particular sequence of words people put into a search platform. For example, a person looking for homes in a city will probably use the keyword “Homes for Sale in Houston, Texas.” There are many tools you can use to identify which keywords you should target for your business. These tools would even tell you the number of people who use the keyword every month as well as how difficult it would be to rank for them. Our team can help you work through which keywords would be best for your industry as well as create the right type of content.
Integrating Google Maps into your online business is an excellent way to identify the location of your company. The best way to let Google know where you can be found is by registering a Google My Business Page. They will allow you to register your company so that customers can check out your place of business on their platform. This feature is especially great for restaurants, stores, cafes, and any other business that has a physical location. You can also integrate other platforms to help Google and other search engine platforms your address. These include registering in various online directories such as White Pages, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more. Another good tip is by using Social Media and YouTube videos as well as other platforms that integrate maps. Providing avenues for people to find you online easily will help you market yourself to people who are looking for you online.
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