Google Virtual Tours And Business Pictures

Google Virtual Tours And Business Pictures

Google Business View is a virtual tour of your business with Street View Technology. This fantastic feature provides companies the ability to offer an online visit for their customers. You can describe your business as much as you want, but nothing beats people seeing it for themselves. Thanks to this new technology, you allow customers a quick visual tour of your office, clinic, store, or restaurant.

How does Business View Help Me?

Business View is an excellent way for any company to showcase their place of business. If you’re a restaurant, instead of just typical pictures of your meals, your guests can check out each table inside and pick one they like for their reservation. If you have a fitness center, potential members can check out your equipment and training facilities. There are many more examples the tool adds benefit to your company. If you have invested a lot in your ambiance and furniture, why not use them to help market your business. Empower your website by letting it provide potential new customers a guided virtual tour into your office, clinic, restaurant, store, warehouse, etc.

Google Street View

Google Street View Technology is a vital integration any business can incorporate into their digital marketing efforts. By setting up Business View on your website, publishing it into Google means you can take advantage of Google Maps, Search, and other platforms. If you’ve used Google Maps before, you would know that people can use it to find your business. If you use Street View, you can see your storefront. Did you know that by using Google Street View Technology, people can come into your business from the virtual street? That’s right. Let interested customers tour around your company on their computer or mobile device.

Setting up Your Google Business View

If like many, you understand that integrating your business into Google more means more traffic from their many platforms, then you’ve come to the right place. Like other Google products, Google Business View, and Google Street View both add significant value to your SEO score. If you are competing with several companies in an area getting as much value from your online marketing efforts is even more critical. Being able to stand out online nowadays can determine the success of most businesses. Since the technology is relatively new, not a lot of companies have these features incorporated in their business.

Additionally, not a lot of digital marketing professionals support this particular service. Our team can help walk you through the ins and outs of the process and set up your virtual tour. We will visit your office to take the necessary pictures and integrate them into the essential online platforms to maximize the benefits of the new technology.

Professional Photographers

If you would like to get started in setting up your own Google Business View, the first step is by hiring a professional photographer. You can’t hire just any photographer, though. You need someone who is experienced with creating virtual tours that can be appropriately integrated with Google and your Website. A good photographer will be able to take beautiful 360-degree view images highlighting the many positive aspects of your business. Our team includes a photographer and developer that can build your virtual tour and integrate it into both your website as well as Google’s various platforms. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to call us today, and we’ll give you the information you need.

Virtual Tour Integration

Once we have the necessary images set up, and we’ve discussed how you want to welcome visitors into your virtual tour, we can begin the process of integration. There are many platforms we need to include to maximize the benefits of your new virtual tour properly. The first and most important is Google Street View. Using your Google Business Page, we can register the tour into Google Maps and Google Search. The crucial part of this step is to ensure that all the SEO value the tour generates is correctly directed into your website. You don’t want to provide a tour without a proper call to action available to interested customers viewing them online. The second is adding the tour onto your website and making sure this tour connects properly to Google as well. Finally, we can generate a link once the tour is published and use various Social Media platforms and other online forums to share your new virtual tour. Let’s start building your virtual today, Give Us a Call and we’ll answer any questions you have.
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